Jets’ Training Camp battles to watch this summer

For more Jets news, be sure to follow Dan Mosher on Twitter @DMosher_NYJ as well as the official Twitter and Facebook pages. The offseason is finally nearing a close, players and beat writers alike are returning from their vacations and preparing for the start of the season. Football is (almost) back! With the New York Jets reporting to training camp … Continue reading

Should the Jets pursue Kirk Cousins? Probably not.

After the passing of Monday’s deadline for teams to negotiate long term deals with their franchise tagged players, many around the league were wondering about the fate of Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins. After receiving the franchise tag two years in a row, Cousins is set to hit the open market during the 2018 offseason, and depending on how 2017 goes … Continue reading

Will Le’Veon Bell find a way to his favorite team in 2018?

For more Jets news, be sure to follow Dan Mosher on Twitter @DMosher_NYJ as well as the official Twitter and Facebook pages. It’s a question we heard repeated throughout this offseason: why would anyone want to go to a rebuilding team like the New York Jets? A logical ask, albeit a disappointing one; but a team seemingly toiling in dysfunction, with … Continue reading

Why the Jets will surprise the NFL in 2017

For more Jets news, be sure to follow Dan Mosher on Twitter @DMosher_NYJ as well as the official Twitter and Facebook pages. You know what the world needs a little more of? Optimism. That’s right, Jet fans, some of that good old fashioned, happy-go-lucky, warm butterfly feeling where everything’s going right. You didn’t ask for it, but you need it. … Continue reading

Harris, gone. Decker, gone. What does the Jets’ depth chart look like?

Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday. In a purge so disappointing you’d expect it to be in theaters this summer, the Jets parted ways with long-time, stalwart ILB David Harris and respected WR Eric Decker. The moves were both shocking and disrespectful, to say the least. But the business of football is as cutthroat as it comes, and loyalty is often a one … Continue reading

Predicting the Jets 53-Man Depth Chart


Way-too-early depth charts are a post-draft tradition like no other; where else can you just blindly throw out bold claims without the slightest bit of on-field support? Nowhere. Which is why we all love them, it’s the chance to project your own bit of hope onto how the offseason will develop. So here it is, filled with stunning hot takes, wild … Continue reading

Who are the Jets’ Best Options at Pick 6?

May 8, 2014; New York, NY, USA; A general view of a helmet, NFL shield, stage, and podium before the start of the 2014 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

  It’s time to put aside all the mock drafts, all the smokescreens and all the hype, draft day has finally arrived. If you’re anything like me, you woke up feeling like a kid on Christmas, so let’s jump right in and look at some possible gifts that Jets fans can hope for from Ole’ St. Macc. Here are the top 5 … Continue reading

New York Jets Seven Round Mock Draft 2.0


Ahh, draft week. The time where rumors run wild and fans prepare for for both the elation and devastation of the first round. I try to avoid too many mock drafts throughout the season, mostly because there is nothing I loathe more than the forced “hot takes” that tend to come with someone’s 4th or 5th mock. (Re: Currently people are projecting Mike Williams as a … Continue reading