New York Jets may re-sign noone

With the “Legal Tampering” period of free agency starting yesterday, many reports have surfaced in regards to the future of current New York Jets. Below is a list of the rumors, but we will not know how true they are until the start of the signing period on Wednesday.

Ryan Fitzpatrick- While reports said that Fitzpatrick re-signing with the NY Jets was a sure thing all offseason, things changed yesterday. Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport both reported that the NY Jets and Fitzpatrick were far apart, and re-signing with the Jets was not a sure thing. Fitzpatrick will hit the open market on Wednesday most likely, in a high stakes game of Russian Contract Roulette with the Jets. Geno Smith is quietly preying that the Jets do not re-sign Fitz, as that would make him the front-runner to start in 2016.

Damon Harrison- Harrison has been telling fans all along he is willing to give the Jets a hometown discount, but this is a move for posterity’s sake. Reports are saying that leaving the New York Jets is a sure thing, and he most likely will end up in Tennessee. While it is not certain that he plays for the Titans in 2016, he will not play for the New York Jets with their lack of cap space, and his perceived value by all analysts. Demario Davis-The Jets have shown little interest in re-signing Davis this offseason due to his up and down play. This is not a case of the NY Jets cannot afford him, but a case of the NY Jets do not want him. Do not expect him to return to the Jets in 2016. 

Erin Henderson- Henderson was penciled in to replace Davis full time in 2016, but the Oakland Raiders have other plans according to Connor Hughes.  With 60 million in cap room, the Raiders have the firepower to pry Henderson away from the Jets, and just may do it.

Chris Ivory- Ivory has several people he is talking to according to Seth Walder of the New York Daily News. The Jets have shown little interest in re-signing Ivory. This is most likely due to two reasons, his asking price and the fact he is a poor fit in Chan Gailey’s offense.

Bilal Powell- There has been no creditable reports on the future of Bilal Powell, but rumors have him matching back up with Rex Ryan in Buffalo. Remember, the same rumors were around last season, and Powell opted to stay with the NY Jets. Powell is best friends forever with Jeremy Kerley, and if Kerley is cut and goes to play with Ryan, Powell could follow. He may be the best option for the Jets to re-sign though, as his price tag should be within the New York Jets price range.

There you have it, the rumor round up on the New York Jets notable free agents. Somehow, Mike Maccagnan is getting a pass for the lack of money to spend in free agency, but he still has some roster moves he can make to free up more space. This is his first true test in free agency, without a boat full of money to spend like he had last year. Let’s hope he passes this test with flying colors, but unfortunately, the Jets may be bargain bin shopping this year, and holding out to 2017 to finish building this team into a true contender.

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