Sheldon Richardson Skips OTA

Photo Stolen From NFL.COM

Sheldon Richardson skips OTA, may have just did Mo a “solid”.

As reported by NJ.COM

Mo owes Sheldon a thank you. Sheldon Richardson was the only non-excused player besides Muhammad Wilkerson to skip some off season workouts (Wilkerson is skipping all due to contract dispute).  This may have given a little bit of power to Mo in his contract dispute with the Jets.  Wilkerson is scheduled for a huge payday that the Jets may not want to pay out.  The guaranteed money would be huge.

Take into account the fact the Jets can franchise tag Wilkerson next year, and the fact that the Jets have two other “stud” Defensive End’s Sheldon Richardson and Rookie Leonard Williams, the Jet’s have tons of flexibility on what to do about Mo.  Sheldon is coming off a Defensive Rookie of the year award, and Leonard was regarded by a lot of people as the best player available going into the 2015 NFL Draft.

Well now things have changed, with one of their two “backup” plans now being the only unexcused player to skip any voluntary off season workouts and be brash about it (besides Mo who is skipping them due to a contract dispute).  The Jets now have to double think if they want to play nice with Mo, instead of kicking the can down the road and hoping that Leonard Williams and Sheldon Richardson will make us forget about the Jets not making the big commitment to Mo.  Sheldon has even taken to twitter to defend his actions in a post.

I predicted here on that we are still at least a year away from any kind of contract extension for Mo, and I stand by that statement.  Of course, I’ve been wrong before.

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