Jets keep the Carousel going by taking QB Christian Hackenberg

The Jets used their second round pick to draft Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg, Friday night, causing a lot of speculation on the futures of both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Geno Smith.

My thoughts on the pick:

-Hackenberg is the most polarizing prospect in the draft, people love him or hate him, and the Jet fans are feeling the same way about this pick. Hackenberg saw a huge dip in his production when his system was changed from a Pro-Style offense. The Jets looked at him extensively and must have concluded that he is a fit for Chan Gailey’s scheme.

-Mike Maccagnan subscribes to the philosophy that you should draft a QB every year until you have your guy. If they were to take any QB in this draft, I’m glad it was Hackenberg. He has a great upside if they can get him comfortable in the system. He’s not that big of a project and could possibly be starting in 2017.

-It is probably a bit of a reach, but a necessary one if he was their guy, Hackenberg certainly wouldn’t have been available for the Jets in the 3rd round. However, they probably could have traded back around 10 picks and still gotten him, while amassing some much needed draft picks. I’m sure they tried like hell to get a deal done, unfortunately they weren’t able to execute.

-One of the following things will happen: they will sign Fitzpatrick to a 1-year deal and keep Geno as the backup. The other option is that they give Geno the reigns like they were prepared to do in 2015. Geno starts, Fitz retires and the Jets sign a low level backup as cheap insurance.

This pick is going to cause a lot of stir among Jets Nation, but it could prove to be a great value if the scheme fits well.

Grade: B+

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