Why the Jets will surprise the NFL in 2017

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You know what the world needs a little more of? Optimism. That’s right, Jet fans, some of that good old fashioned, happy-go-lucky, warm butterfly feeling where everything’s going right. You didn’t ask for it, but you need it. It’s good for the soul.

In 2017, our New York Jets will vastly out-perform the paltry expectations that have been set for them. Take it to the bank.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Dan… Danny boy.. you’ve finally lost it. This team’s in a full on tail spin tank.”, “0-16.”, “Sam Darnold.”, “Worst roster in HISTORY!” “Didn’t you see PFF give them a 3.593 grade on their ‘Definitely-Not-Arbitrary Metric’??” — however, this is my post, not yours, so shove it, we’re gonna have some fun here. That’s right PFF, take your lame numbers back to baseball where they belong, this isn’t stats class.

Friends, we got LIVE, (preseason) FOOTBALL in less than a month and I, for one, am sick and tired of that Hashtag Lame-Stream Media telling me that my Jets aren’t gonna be Great Again (trademark).

Week 1, at Buffalo: win. We’re gonna break that team like a fat Bills fan falling on a tailgate table. Our sorry ass 2016 team slapped them up both times like they owed us money. 1-0.

In the next four weeks we play Oakland, Miami, Jacksonville and Cleveland. You’re telling me we can’t win 2 out of those 4? Screw it. We’ll lose to Oakland and grab three straight. 4-1.

Future Headline: Mon. October 9, 2017, NFL.com: “Jets rocket to a 4-1 start, Jamal Adams inducted into Hall of Fame”

I was damn near in tears when the Jets went on the clock and he was still on the board. I watched a lot of draft film this year and he was the player that I wanted more than anyone. He’s the real deal, you’ve read the OTA articles, you’ve seen the college tape too, you know who this MAN is.

Adams is a huge reason for the hot start, he brings that flair and fire, backed up by absolutely pristine play. (I’m taking prop bets on him being DROY, be sure to drop your Credit Card info in the comments.)

Now Adams may be a generational player, but don’t you sleep on Marcus Maye, Mo Claiborne isa shutdown corner when healthy, (which he’ll be) and you know the young boy Burris is gonna make a huge leap. So throw Buster back in the slot where he is best, (instead of 100 DPI calls, it’s only like 95..) that secondary is looking damn good.

Leonard Williams. Enough said.

Sheldon is playing on a contract year, you KNOW that man wants his money, he’s gonna come through o-lines at 140 mph with a gun in one hand, a blunt in the other and his damn nephew on his back, time to eat. Mo has heard people call him fat and lazy for about 8 months now, plus with his contract structure, he’s fighting to keep his long term money. D-Line FINALLY playing like they should, IN A 3-4 SYSTEM, I swear to God if I hear someone bring up a 4-3 I’m throwing hands, we have ONE player who is a natural 4-3 fit, and its Darron Lee.

Speaking of Lee, he’s gonna break out this year. Why? Because it’s a damn puff piece article and he’s a stud. He’ll be flying to the ball, blowing up plays left and right. Jordan Jenkins = Calvin Pace = GOAT. Lorenzo Mauldin??? Dylan Donahue??? Let those boys loose! You know Kevin Greene is gonna groom Donahue into the next Clay Matthews, hell, Greene might even suit up himself, get that blonde mane flowing free again. Linebackers? Check.

**record scratch**

“But Daniel.. Dan the man.. who’s even playing quarterback?”

(GIF of future 70-yard Hackenberg TD dime to Robby)

Mark my words: Hackenberg will be out there throwing rainbows like he’s the Grand Marshall of the NYC Pride Parade. Florham Park will be a buzz for “The Redshirt Rifle” (That’s another trademark. Suck it, Andy Dalton).

On a serious note, I didn’t like the Hack pick when it happened, but I think he’s been given a lot of shit for someone who hasn’t even taken an NFL snap. They drafted him, explicitly said that he wouldn’t see the field in Year one, and people still got their panties in a knot when he didn’t play.. like they told us what was gonna happen.. chill bro. Even beloved Jets beat writer Connor Hughes said his “Hack hits reporters with passes” article was taken completely out of context. So can we back off the kid? Thank you. Rant over.

So Hack’s throwing beauties. Quincy is doing Quincy things. Robby is shoving off CB’s like their festival cops. Stewart’s showing everyone that he’s a Anquan Boldin/Jarvis Landry love child. Receivers? Ch-Ch-Check.

Bilal Powell. 1,200 Rush Yards, 400 Rec Yards, 13 TD’s. Don’t @ me.

The real weapon here, though, is Austin Sefarian-Jenkins. Man, I love this story. Overcoming his demons, dropping that drunken 3AM McDonalds weight, coming in with a new purpose. Out of Washington, I remember scouts saying that if he could just get his life in order, he could be something special. Step one seems to be complete, step two is on its way.

Don’t even get me started on those big daddies up front. Beachum, Carpenter, Johnson, Winters, Shell. No injuries. No problems. **While a lot of this article probably seems bold, this line, if healthy, I do think will vastly over perform everyone’s expectations.**

So this team has potential. Lots and lots and lots of unproven potential. So what if it all works. Or even what if 75% of this works, or 50%? They gonna win the chip this year? No. Even the most optimistic wouldn’t put his money on that, but could they win 8, 9, even 10 games? In a perfect world, they certainly could.

And before you ask: Yes, I did plan to go game by game on the schedule, but I went off on a roster breakdown and got real tired of it. So I copped out, I’ll quit whenever I want, I’m not getting paid for this.

Look, if I’m being a realist, I say this team starts off hot, hits a rough streak, squeezes out a couple more wins, and ends the year at 7-9. But the expectations are so low, that if they do that, it’ll be a miracle. (And some of you will STILL think Bowles is a bum who needs to be fired.. Dad always said you can’t fix stupid.)

But even if I’m wrong.. even if Hack flops, and Beachum tears his ACL, and Belichick slips some Henny into ASJ’s Gatorade.. even if I’m wrong about it all: New York Jets football is about to begin. Don’t you wanna be excited for it?

I know I do.

For more Jets news, be sure to follow Dan Mosher on Twitter @DMosher_NYJ as well as the official NYJetsNews.com Twitter and Facebook pages.

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