Will Le’Veon Bell find a way to his favorite team in 2018?

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It’s a question we heard repeated throughout this offseason: why would anyone want to go to a rebuilding team like the New York Jets? A logical ask, albeit a disappointing one; but a team seemingly toiling in dysfunction, with a coach on the hot seat and a championship far out of reach doesn’t inspire many free agents to come along for the ride.

In 2018, one of the NFL’s best players will be on the market and the Jets should do everything in their power to make sure that Le’Veon Bell finds himself in Green & White.

Bell, who will turn 26 in February of 2018, will be entering the prime of his career, the exact type of player that can instantly change the fortunes of a rebuilding team. But how do you convince him to sign?

One way bad teams can stay in the hunt for star free agents is by offering far more money than the contenders can. Unfortunately, a lot of teams have money these days; and with the cap increasing each year, more teams are willing to spend that cash when an elite player is available.

So you need to have an advantage. You need to offer something that no other team can.

Now THAT is the type of advantage you need. With the amount of cap space the Jets are poised to have next offseason, they could not only make him the highest paid running back in history, but they can offer him the chance to play for his childhood team.

It would probably take somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 years, $50 million with around half of it guaranteed. A steep price, for sure, but Bell is a player worthy of such a contract. After tearing his MCL in 2015, the Steelers back didn’t miss a step last season, racking up nearly 1,300 rushing yards, and another 600 more as a receiver. He also did that in only 12 games, in his only full 16 game season, 2014, he put up over 2,200 yards from scrimmage, 11 touchdowns and was named a first team All-Pro.

You can’t argue his talent, but there are red flags when it comes to his past availability. In his four-year career he’s missed 17 games from either injuries or suspensions, which is likely one of the reasons the Steelers were reluctant to come to a big money deal ahead of Monday’s franchise tag deadline.

In order to hit a home run, though, you have to swing. Mike Maccagnan won over Jets fans by spending huge money in his first offseason, bringing back star players and going for a championship. He can do the same thing now, but instead of spending on stars past their prime, he can grab one who’s only just begun to enter his.

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