Camp Day 2: Geno Smith Rebounds


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While Geno Smith may not be on the hot seat officially, Geno was feeling the heat after the first day of training camp, getting off to a poor start. He threw three interceptions, forcing balls into coverage.  As the team is learning a new offense, it’s normal for a offense to be behind a defense at this point.  The Jets also have one of the best defenses in the league on paper.  Still, it was not encouraging to a fan base, but head coach Todd Bowles stayed positive”He had a couple of turnovers in the red zone, which we know we can’t have but I think all the quarterbacks did down there. He made some good throws. He’s been making some good decisions,” according to the NY Post’s Brian Costello.

Day two was a new day, and with it, Geno excelled.  He lit up the NY defense in 7-on-7 drills, and impressed teammates and beat reporters in attendance as well.  Although this is only pre-season, it’s good to see Geno bounce back, but he is going to have to be better then “up and down” for the Jets to reach the goals they want to this year.

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