Todd Bowles Mini-Camp Press Conference Notes

The Jets concluded their three day mini-camp on Thursday. Coach Todd Bowles answered questions for about thirteen minutes. Some take aways from the press conference.
-The Jets are deep at running back, and playing time may come down to who passblocks the best as coach Todd Bowles mentioned it several times.
-Their was a lot of interest by reporters about the injury status of Stevan Ridley. Bowles said he was in no rush to get healthy.
-Geno is still not as consistent as the coach would like, and Fitz is starting to move better. Coach did say Geno can really throw it when he has time.
-The head coach addressed Antonio Cromartie’s Twitter spat, he said wouldn’t tell players what to do but they had to be smart.
-He discussed his differences with Rex Ryan. He said everyone just has to be themselves.
-He said the defense communicated well.
-The most difficult part of being a head coach is it takes more time to do film study and it is hard to be hands off sometimes with the players.
-Muhammad Wilkerson and coach Bowles aren’t strangers but it will take time to get to know what makes each other tick, just like all the players.
-It was quite the contrast to coach Ryan press conferences and Todd stayed even keeled and focused on presenting a serious manor for the organsation to follow.
Todd Bowles Press Conference

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