Michael Manico – Founder, Owner, Editor in Chief
Jet fan of 30 years from Upstate NY, Mike is an IT professional who’s passion for the Jets lead him to pursue one of his dreams and create a website for the Jets. When not throwing his remote at the T.V. during football season, he spends the rest of his time trying to be a role model to his two small children, failing miserably.

Favorite All Time Jet: Curtis Martin
Favorite Current Jet: David Harris

Dan Mosher  – Managing Editor
Born and raised in Albany NY, Dan joined his Mother as the only fan of the Green & White at a very young age while surrounded by nothing but Giants and Cowboys fans. Now living in New York City, he works as a Production Manager for a film production and media marketing firm. On the side Dan fills his time with exploring the city and freelance article writing in politics, sports and social justice.

Favorite All Time Jet: Wayne Chrebet
Favorite Current Jet: Bilal Powell

Staff Writers

Andrew Bindelglass (July 2015)  – A third generation Jets fan, Andrew inherited his love for Gang Green from his father. Born and raised in Easton, Connecticut, Andrew currently attends school at Tufts University. He has been attending Jets games since the days of Vinny Testaverde and Curtis Martin in the old Giants Stadium.

Favorite All Time Jet: Wayne Cherbet
Favorite Current Jet: Nick Mangold

Rory Ostrow (July 2015) – Born into a family that cares little for football Rory chose the Jets as his team with little regard for the perpetual grief that this decision would cause. Raised in Westchester NY, Rory watched the Jets every Sunday screaming at the TV. He now screams at the TV in Saratoga Springs NY, as he enters his senior year as a neuroscience major at Skidmore College.

Favorite All Time Jet: Darrelle Revis
Favorite Current Jet: Darrelle Revis

Anthony Pugliese (Sep 2015) –Born in Queens, New York I was transplanted to Florida at age 8, but green and white never ceased to run through my veins. Lifelong Jets fan I will continue to root for this team through thick and thin. When given the opportunity to write for I jumped at the opportunity and look forward to contributing to the success and talent of an already extremely talented group of Jets writers.

Favorite All Time Jet: Al Toon
Favorite Current Jet: David Harris

Daniel McInerney (October 2015) Growing up on Long Island, NY, it was never a questions which team Dan would root for. The son of a lifelong Jets fan, it didn’t take long for Dan to follow suit and root for the Green and White. His fanhood has followed him to Richmond, VA where he still watches every game (even the ugly ones).

Favorite All Time: Curtis Martin
Favorite Current: Muhammad Wilkerson

Scott Bindelglass (July) – As a third generation Jet fan, Scott was born into a family with season tickets for over 50 years. Living 57 miles north of Metlife Stadium in Easton, CT, Scott has been a passionate Jet fan and is beginning his training to fly actual jets this spring. Scott was both a kicker and punter in his younger days and has a curious interest in those two positions. He and his brother Andrew both enjoy writing and share an intense passion for football.

Favorite All Time Jet: Jericho Cotchery
Favorite Current Jet: Chris Ivory

Past Contributors

Stephanie Carmella (Oct 2015) – Born and raised in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Steph always cherished football Sundays with her family.  Her love for the Jets comes from her father, who watched the Jets win the Super Bowl at 11 years old and never looked back.  Steph’s passion for the Jets runs so deep that she prioritizes them over what some may call “important” things; such as weddings, birthdays, and any form of conversation. She hopes to continue her family’s traditions by dressing her young nieces and nephews in Jets gear and never giving them a choice.
Favorite All Time Jet: ?
Favorite Current Jet: ?

J.P Andrich (Aug 2015) – Toward the end of the Curtis Martin era, J.P started the wildest ride of his football watching lifetime; he became a Jet fan.  Raised in CT, his passion for NY lead him to reading and writing about his favorite team.  J.P is a Jet fan who looks forward to watching his team play every Sunday.  He treats it like religion.
Favorite All Time Jet: Darrelle Revis
Favorite Current Jet: Darrelle Revis

Richard Rodgers (October 2015) – Being a Northern NJ native, Richard has been a fan of the Jets since elementary school. Still Residing in Northern NJ, Richard is enjoying his second year as a Jets season ticket holder, and on Sundays he either finds himself glued to the T.V. screen, or sitting in section 340 at Metlife Stadium. Richard has been interested in sports journalism for a number of years and he is thrilled to have the opportunity to be writing for
Favorite All Time Jet: Kevin Mawae
Favorite Current Jet: Jeremy Kerley

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